Brief Story

ALSA Indonesia Logistics was established in 2008 in Jakarta, Indonesia, since that year ALSA Indonesia Logistics joined a Freight Forwarding and Logistics company from Hong Kong called On Time Express Limited, started from year 2008 up to 2015.

With the name of PT. On Time Express in less than one year, 2009 On Time Indonesia developed its business by opening branches in Surabaya and Denpasar and in 2010 opened another branches in Bandung and Cikarang, not only that, On Time Indonesia also rented warehouse and operational office in Cengkareng, those work bases in Cengkareng were needed due to the bidding that was won from one of the government companies engaged in aerospace which was known as PT. DIRGANTARA INDONESIA.

In 2010 and 2011 PT. On Time Express Indonesia achieved the best achievement award defeating longestablished revenue members such as On Time Express in HKG, China, Europe, USA and other existing offices in east Asia.

In 2014 as a part of the group, PT. On Time Express Indonesia managed to escort On Time Express to the IPO and now listed on the HKG Stock exchange.

The above success can be achieved by forming a solid team with leaders who are always there when needed.

In 2015 PT. ALSA Indonesia Logistics officially separated from PT. On Time Express Limited and then started its own business starting from 2016 until now.


PT. ALSA Indonesia Logistics – the expert’s solution

Trust all the logistic needs of your company to us, our experts will provide many benefits for your company—including the security of your goods, the best service, in one complete package with a very competitive price and the experts’ solution.


PT. ALSA Indonesia Logistics – the expert’s solution
ALSA Indonesia Logistics is able to import and export goods around the world. We will ship your consignments through the sea or air consolidation from one to another. We will also transport your trade, show the exhibition materials, and clear them through the customs.

Our wide spectrum of services naturally also include all the required compellation of import and export documents. Thus, PT. ALSA Indonesia Logistics will arrange for all applicable permits.

Visions & Mission


Being a leading Cargo Company in Indonesia by promoting relationship to grow with and trusted by the customers, employees, communities, and shareholders.


Our main goal is to provide the best performance by offering solutions, time efficiency, best quality, timeliness, and cost-effective service.


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